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CRO-MAGS- Age of Quarrel 10"EP (no label, Switzerland, 1990)

This is another Split-Post with my fellow enthusiast Peter from KBD RECORDS – even though Peter himself doesn’t know about this (yet).

CRO-MAGS represented the intellectual side of NYHC. A band that firmly stood for universal human rights, a band that lived the imperatives of the Age of Enlightment like no other. Their lyrics were all clever and well thought through and as such they were perfectly reflected in graphics which, unfortunately, got censored from their non-understanding, narrow minded record company.
Before their groundbreaking album came out in 1986, they released a Demo Tape a year earlier which had featured more or less the same songs already, in rougher versions though. The Demo was hard to come by, so some friendly people decided to press it on a piece of 10″ sized vinyl in ca. 1990. A few other editions came out after that, all of them were taken from the first edition and had no relationship with its producers.
I saw the band live upon the release of the LP at Ruthies Inn in San Francisco in June of 1986, where they played with BLAST, NO MERCY and some more which I don’t remember. As you can imagine, this show was quite impressive.
I still find great enchantment in both this 10″ and the LP (I like the LP even better). Rarely has such a massive amount of power and brute force been unleased by a bunch of kids. It always fascinated me to see, how especially women found themselves attracted by the CRO-MAGS. I’m afraid this is one rather atavistic reflex.

Here are some of the best tracks from the 10″. Enjoy while consuming vast amounts of drugs of all sort and meat, having intimate contacts with your fellow sex and making jokes about religion, boyscouts, gym and tattoos.

Sign of the Times.mp3
Don’t tread on me.mp3
Face the Facts.mp3
It’s the Limit.mp3
Life of my own.mp3
Survival (of the Streets).mp3
Everybody’s gonna die.mp3
World Peace.mp3
By myself.mp3
Show you no Mercy.mp3
Hard Times.mp3