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DAYGLOW ABORTIONS- Out of the Womb LP (Sharpe Records, Canada, 1981)

“Ozzy is so out in space, he’d probably love me if I pissed in his face” – this line from DAYGLOW ABORTION’s “Black Sabbath” sums it up perfectly. Punk: Raunchy, primitive, provocative for fucks sake and Metal: Crunching guitar, some heavy riffs. And all together is so whacky, so trashed, so out-there (with or without Ozzy).
It’s one of the greatest miracles in the world why this monster still hasn’t been legally (or illegally) reissued! Sure, most of it is available on the bands follow up “Feed U.S.A. Fetus” (on the B-side), but what about the killer artwork and the complete tracklist? If nobody else wants to put this out, I’d borrow some money and do a classy reissue of this including the poster insert!

As tight the band is and as the perfect the sound – it always amazes me to hear the drummer fuck up the breaks (in almost every song). It’s like he doesn’t know the song structures. Or maybe he just didn’t care. But I wouldn’t want this to be any different. I have a few rehearsal and live tapes from 1982-1985 that kick the shit out of me and who lnows, I might post some excerpts from them too in the future.

I didn’t want to post the entire album here, so I made a selection which includes one of the three songs (“Too stoned to care”) that were left off on the LP (“East Indian” and “P.E.T.” being the others, though the last one is just some beeping and groaning).

Scared of People.mp3
Black Sabbath.mp3
Used to be in Love.mp3
Too stoned to care.mp3