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BELLEVUE- Dein Freund + 2 7"EP (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1981)

BELLEVUE came from Zürich, Switzerland and featured one ex-REBELS member. This should make clear we have something very special here – yet a little internet research yielded so little other than “average swiss Punk”. Rubbish, gawdammmit! This is (nearly) right up there with classics such as THE NOW or EMBARASSEMENT or NUCLEAR SOCKETTS! “Dein Freund” and “Marchin’ Men” are earcatchers, great tunes – but listen to “Deathwalk” and tell me you’ve hadn’t had tears in your ears! “Marchin’ Men” has a definite KLEENEX / LILIPUT feeling to it and that’s right what I luv!
The follow up 7″ wasn’t half as good, as I remember. Sic transit gloria mundi, as they say in France.

For a glimpse on the historical context, go to TNT’s first 7″ —-> here!

Here’s the full glory:

Dein Freund.mp3
Marchin’ Men.mp3