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REALLY RED- Modern Needs 7" (CIA Records, USA 1980)

Another joint venture with my fellow Blogger Peter from KBD-Records (the last one was so extremely succesfull, haha). Go to his site and you’ll get the first REALLY RED 7″. Then tell us which one you like better – the first or the 2nd one. And why. You’ll get Punkrock-Grades from us and will eventually be permitted a seminar in “Taste and the Test of time”, held at my kitchen-university. If you fail, Peter will still take you to one of his famous Powerpop-nights in Sweden where they will have “grou’p activities” (that’s how he said) on ikea-furniture.

REALLY RED’s 2nd 7″ maybe is even better than the first one, cause it has this dead serious, dramatic without being pathetic, grim overtone. Musically, it’s already stretching the limits of Punk and it’s a clear promise of what was in store yet (“Teaching you the Fear” LP – one of the milestones in Hardcore-Punk and else).

Modern Needs.mp3
White Lies.mp3