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AK-47- The Badge means you suck 7" (Pineapple Records, USA, 1980)

After I had ripped and encoded the single and scanned the cover, I realized that the nice folks at “Something I learned today” had already posted this great 7″ by AK-47 from Texas. Well, I said to myself, this thing is so hot that it deserves all the attention it gets – so here we go! For all the worthwhile and essential information, check out the link above and go further from there.

Actually I always felt that calling this “Punk” may be accurate as far as lyrics and ethos goes, but musically this isn’t really “Punk”. The 70s Rock feeling is strongly audible – I’m talking about sound from an era that hadn’t yet decided whether it would go “Punk” or “Metal” without being just a mixture of both. So I guess in 1980 when the whole HC thing was about to explode and Metal was shattered by the first “modern” sounding records, this 7″ must have sounded very odd – and in a great way, it still does.

The Badge means you suck.mp3
Kiss my Machine.mp3


  1. Anonymous



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  2. Anonymous

    Sighs. When is that special day going to arrive when classic punk rock records like this are properly reissued with identical sleeves, no added liner notes, no extra tracks, no bullshit, just some of the classics out there again at normal prices….


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  3. Bernard

    Erich now you made my day! As you say this is very very special sounding. Any idea how much this will cost me on ebay?

    Since nobody seems to say this: Your blog is fantastic, your writing always adds something very unique to the posts and I really really appreciate your work. You’re definately the hardcore/punk/metal professor.


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  4. Anonymous

    About $115 last time round. Or maybe that was $175, who cares. The Mad 7″ was something like $320. The point is they need to be released again, it’s ridiculous. These bloggers certainly have the right idea, all power to them


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  5. Bernard

    Thank you for the info – if it’s around 100$ I will go for it, I think. I mean I have to have this, it’s just too great. Playing it for the 8th time straight now!

    You’re right about the reissues but I dig this blogs ethics a lot. “I will normally not post entire albums for the simple reason of not over-stretching the whole thing, plus I don’t want to unwillingly supply music for bootlegs to come.”
    I also take that for the bloggers respect for other peoples (bands/labels) work. It’s a difficult issue but I dig the music!!!


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  6. Anonymous

    punk collectors are mad


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  7. Anonymous

    mad people are the salt of the earth.


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  8. Anonymous

    Earth is merely the salt water of the oceans. Give me $175 and I shall tell more…


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  9. Trucha

    “The Badge Means You Suck” is a great song. It’s Dylan-esque in its lyrics, like “Hurricane,” only better because it dealt with some true injustice and not some Hollywood cause celebre sham. Try Googling to find out more behind the true stories which inspired the song (I don’t have the link handy). Besides the lyrics, I also enjoy the guitar work, and, yes, it deviates from the traditional punk formula of sloppy minimalism (but maybe that’s because AK-47 actually knew how to play their instruments).


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  10. Peter - KBDRecords

    I used to have this with a signed letter sent out to distributors. I would’ve keept it IF This Badge… was shorter. It drags on too long. Same goes for Kiss… Lyric wise it’s a master piece though. For price: I payed $175 for mine. Thanks for making it available Erich!


    Posted on 19-Sep-06 at 01:27 | Permalink
  11. nortoncommando

    I remember when the whole Houston police dept when ape-shit over this song and it was on the local newspapers and TV. I also remember that we looked down on the band since they were basically hippies with long hair (and socialists ones too!)…


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  12. E.

    I cannot tell you how much I understand your idiosyncratic reactions against long haired socialists. I’m very sure I wouldn’t have liked this neither in my salad days.


    Posted on 19-Sep-06 at 09:02 | Permalink
  13. Dan from Maine

    One of the guitar players on this band is my cousin. They were and still are, big KISS fan. As far as original albums goes, I’m sure he has some left over. He did mention to me once about rereleasing the album.


    Posted on 21-Apr-09 at 18:28 | Permalink
  14. vaeringjar

    The fucking pigs have been gunning down people in my town, and the little recourse is to listen to songs like this one. Thanks!


    Posted on 07-Nov-10 at 03:14 | Permalink
  15. Rahul

    I have a copy of this that I’ve had since growing up in Houston in the 1980’s. Is there any way for me to post an old newspaper article about this 7″ on the site? I keep it with the 7″. If so, please e-mail me directly and put “The Badge Means You Suck” in the Subject.


    Posted on 27-Apr-11 at 05:53 | Permalink
  16. jwc

    I played bass on the record and did b/u vocals; nobody in the band ever liked KISS – yeah, Hawkwind for sure and maybe even BOC and of course the 13th Floor Elevators (our original rehearsal space was their old rehearsal space) – yes, both songs are too long – the issue is that there are ALOT of lyrics and that just makes the song long – there were ‘issues’ about the length of the guitar solos but we recorded both songs ‘live’ in the studio trying to duplicate the way we played them onstage so the guitar solos are representative of what you’d hear at a show – the main issue is the mix – just like any new band, too many chiefs, haha – so we ended with a horrible horrible mix which is a shame – oddly, a couple years later, when I was in Culturcide, I was back in the same studio – we’d finished recording and there was some time left over so the engineer brought out the AK47 masters – on Machine I cut out the whole guitar solo and added a much shorter Eno-esque synth blast (Roxy Music Eno, that is) and on Badge I cut the solo down to just 8 bars and did a quick remix, bumping up and double-tracking the drums and cutting back the phased guitars – not to say it was better, but certainly different (I do think Machine was better though) – I wasn’t on very good terms with the others so never went further with that project – I don’t think the original tapes exist anymore which is why there has never been an ‘official’ re-release


    Admin Reply:

    Thanks for the comment! So I guess the rumors about a AK-47 12″ aren’t true? Do you happen to have any unreleased recordings somewhere?


    Posted on 30-Jun-13 at 00:47 | Permalink
  17. Thomas

    Good times. I have this AK-47 vinyl and it might need a new home. Listening in Houston.


    Posted on 23-Nov-16 at 17:14 | Permalink

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