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AK-47- The Badge means you suck 7" (Pineapple Records, USA, 1980)

After I had ripped and encoded the single and scanned the cover, I realized that the nice folks at “Something I learned today” had already posted this great 7″ by AK-47 from Texas. Well, I said to myself, this thing is so hot that it deserves all the attention it gets – so here we go! For all the worthwhile and essential information, check out the link above and go further from there.

Actually I always felt that calling this “Punk” may be accurate as far as lyrics and ethos goes, but musically this isn’t really “Punk”. The 70s Rock feeling is strongly audible – I’m talking about sound from an era that hadn’t yet decided whether it would go “Punk” or “Metal” without being just a mixture of both. So I guess in 1980 when the whole HC thing was about to explode and Metal was shattered by the first “modern” sounding records, this 7″ must have sounded very odd – and in a great way, it still does.

The Badge means you suck.mp3
Kiss my Machine.mp3