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NEGATIVE APPROACH- Touch & Go Festival

What could be more tasteless and utterly repulsive than a bunch of fist-banging jocks and a family-reunion atmosphere at a “Hardcore” gig?
I love the sound of this and how picture and music don’t synchronize resulting in a very funny Benny-Hill-like comedy style.


  1. Jellyfish_kiss / France


    Your right. This is horrible to watch. HC nostalgia is gross.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 04:25 | Permalink
  2. Luc

    Way to ruin a favorite band… It seems there are more reunion shows than regular shows these days, and that’s pretty lame. Fuck that nostalgia shit, let sleeping dogs sleep and if people feel the urge to play hardcore again, why don’t they form NEW bands? I mean, Brannon is in Easy Action, which I’d rather hear than a lame NA reunion.

    PS: NA with hair doesn’t make sense.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 05:34 | Permalink
  3. Anonymous

    easy action any good?

    brannon’s got a good voice still but it alll looks very false. it’s a pose.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 05:49 | Permalink
  4. Luc

    Easy Action is more Detroit rock (Stooges…) than hardcore, but Brannon’s vocals remain similar, and I hear they play NA covers live.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 06:13 | Permalink
  5. Anonymous

    Easy Action is nice, just like the Hyenas was nice. NA were the shit but you’re rght it’s over and out. Today HC is something that makes me ashamed of my past rather than being proud on it.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 08:09 | Permalink
  6. Anonymous

    i glad that NA is playing again. ive seen the laughing hyenas and easy action live. both bands are, were great. easy action is insane live. they did play 4 NA songs at the end of their set. i hope NA brings this to CA.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 11:19 | Permalink
  7. Anonymous

    jesusfuckingchrist this sucks! saw na a couple of times in 82 and 83. au contraire to what you normally read they weren’t that good. like you said in that dvd review: they had a gang of extremely dumb mini-jocks following them around and these guys ruined more than one show for me.

    great blog! haven’t seen so much good music in one and the same blog!!



    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 13:44 | Permalink
  8. Matthew D

    Huh, were any of you there?

    It was actually pretty damn good. I hate reunions as well, in most cases, but you really should have experienced it before you can judge it. It was good.

    And, I watched the pit, and it was filled with old fans, and new fans. And, it was a pretty traditional hard-core circle pit, which impressed me, since everybody moshes nowadays.

    Oh, and by the way, this wasn’t a reunion show per se. It was a celebration of Touch and Go Records 25th anniversary, and it was a charity event. Most of the bands present only reformed to honor the label and help the kids.


    Posted on 26-Sep-06 at 18:32 | Permalink
  9. E.

    Great argument, Matthew.


    Posted on 26-Sep-06 at 23:45 | Permalink
  10. Merritt

    I was in the pit at this show, and it was both a great show and a great pit. If there were frat boys or skins, they weren’t there with the express intention of effing someone up. It was just a rowdy good time and NA played some furious hardcore.

    And as for intentions behind all the reunions, yeah, they couldn’t have been more honest. It was a charity event to celebrate a great label’s place in history. That whole Saturday was so good it gives me shivers to remember.


    Posted on 04-Dec-06 at 13:21 | Permalink
  11. Slobodan Burgher

    HA HA HA HA HA! Well, they played here (London) but ironically I had to write a review of another gig so could not go. The other band was “MC5”!!!!!!


    Posted on 23-Jan-07 at 08:53 | Permalink
  12. elliott

    the problem with bands reuniting is that they all do it for one reason and one reason only. money. i’m sure i would like the show only because i’m blind and couldn’t see the grey hairs on those guys. the last old band i watched was doa. it was ok nothing special.


    Posted on 08-Apr-10 at 01:53 | Permalink

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