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MENTAL ABUSE- Streets of Filth LP (Urinal Records, USA, 1984)

cover scans currently down / new rip coming! I feel a bit raunchy today, so I thought this is the pick of the day for ye greedy folks out there.
It’s hard to believe but MENTAL ABUSE’s one and only LP seems to be totally obscure to the internet world (except for the FLEX-bit, as always). This is really a shame since this LP is just too wonderful to be missed! Dirty, raunchy, unclean and unshaven Hardcore-Punk from this NJ outfit, highlights being “Gimme Death”, “No God”, “Rat Race” and the notorious “Sock Woman” (“She was a woman, she wanted to be a man, she was a woman, but she didn’t have that gland” etc.). I dunno why but this LP always makes me wanna play DAMAGE “Sins of our Fathers” LP which is equally desperate.

I don’t know nothing about this band other than they also had a few tracks on Urinal Records Compilation LP “Message from America” (which also includes two very odd AGNOSTIC FRONT cuts!) and that this LP indeed seems to be very rare due to a portion of the pressing being destroyed (at least that’s how rumours had it 20 years ago). Since the record store I used to visit 13 times a day (and eventually ended up working for) had top connections to the U.S. east cost, around a dozen of this ended up in Switzerland in 1984. Good ol’daze.
There was one on eBay recently which sold for a couple hundred, which I find good.
I think this is the first time ever this gets in circulation, so be quick!

Be dirty!

Adolesecent Skins.mps / gimme Death.mp3
No God.mp3
Do you mind.mp3
Sock Woman.mp3
black Hole.mp3
Jock Sex.mp3
Corporate Scum.mp3
Mental Abuse.mp3
Plastic People.mp3
Security Guard.mp3
Electric Chair.mp3
Rat Race.mp3

Files taken down by request of the band. Re-release in the works!