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MENTAL ABUSE- Streets of Filth LP (Urinal Records, USA, 1984)

cover scans currently down / new rip coming! I feel a bit raunchy today, so I thought this is the pick of the day for ye greedy folks out there.
It’s hard to believe but MENTAL ABUSE’s one and only LP seems to be totally obscure to the internet world (except for the FLEX-bit, as always). This is really a shame since this LP is just too wonderful to be missed! Dirty, raunchy, unclean and unshaven Hardcore-Punk from this NJ outfit, highlights being “Gimme Death”, “No God”, “Rat Race” and the notorious “Sock Woman” (“She was a woman, she wanted to be a man, she was a woman, but she didn’t have that gland” etc.). I dunno why but this LP always makes me wanna play DAMAGE “Sins of our Fathers” LP which is equally desperate.

I don’t know nothing about this band other than they also had a few tracks on Urinal Records Compilation LP “Message from America” (which also includes two very odd AGNOSTIC FRONT cuts!) and that this LP indeed seems to be very rare due to a portion of the pressing being destroyed (at least that’s how rumours had it 20 years ago). Since the record store I used to visit 13 times a day (and eventually ended up working for) had top connections to the U.S. east cost, around a dozen of this ended up in Switzerland in 1984. Good ol’daze.
There was one on eBay recently which sold for a couple hundred, which I find good.
I think this is the first time ever this gets in circulation, so be quick!

Be dirty!

Adolesecent Skins.mps / gimme Death.mp3
No God.mp3
Do you mind.mp3
Sock Woman.mp3
black Hole.mp3
Jock Sex.mp3
Corporate Scum.mp3
Mental Abuse.mp3
Plastic People.mp3
Security Guard.mp3
Electric Chair.mp3
Rat Race.mp3

Files taken down by request of the band. Re-release in the works!


  1. Anonymous

    never heard this before. thanks, its great.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 11:17 | Permalink
  2. cbgb's toilet fuck

    First off: Congratulations to this blog! This is without the greatest selection of music I’ve ever seen. And you even managed to dig up some totally unknown killers like this one! Keep up the great work!!!! John / NYC


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 11:56 | Permalink
  3. Peter - KBDRecords

    Ahhhh genErich!


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 13:04 | Permalink
  4. Anonymous

    You mean “generic”, Peter? Judging from your blog you don’t know much about music that’s for sure …


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 13:10 | Permalink
  5. Peter - KBDRecords

    Ha ha anonymous :D!! so what is it that you know about music that you can share with us that lives in darkness? funny how many people there are around that take things so serious and don’t dare to use their real names. Anonymous, from now on I call you Coward. Ok?


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 13:17 | Permalink
  6. E.

    It’s only Rock’n’Roll, sweeties.


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 13:24 | Permalink
  7. Dave_UK

    can’t tell you how long i’ve been looking for this one! thanks so much erich!!!!


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 14:02 | Permalink
  8. malfeitor

    I’ve heard of this band but have never seen this album. A fine offering. Every once in a while someone mentions an album I forgot I ever owned (and don’t have any more) and you just did with that Damage LP. It was nice and heavy and all recorded live if I’m remembering correctly????


    Posted on 16-Sep-06 at 19:18 | Permalink
  9. E.

    You’re remembering correctly, Malfeitor: “Sins of our Fathers” was recorded live and it sounded very thick and heavy because DAMAGE had 2 bassists! A couple years later, another DAMAGE LP was released and again it was a live recording. I think I will put up that first LP soon.


    Posted on 17-Sep-06 at 00:25 | Permalink
  10. Todd

    I’ve seen this band at least half a dozen times. They were from New Jersey but were connected to the Agnostic Front/CFA more than the better known bands of the area. Syd (the singer) lived real close to the Showplace in Dover New Jersey and they would play there all the time. It was a biker/go-go bar that would have all ages punk and hardcore shows. They were pretty big in the state and I thought they were great. Live, they were like nobody else. Syd played dumb and used to just go out on the stage and blow through the set. It was like he was an idiot savant or something. The band was fucking great. One guy was a skinhead, one guy was a punk, one guy was hardcore and one guy was a Thunders-type clone and another just a New Jersey mook. They had there own record label with lesser-known bands affiliated with them. Definitely well known in New Jersey/New York from around 84-86.
    Oh..Post the Damage LP, they were fucking great too.


    Posted on 18-Sep-06 at 07:13 | Permalink
  11. Action Park

    Can’t believe it hasn’t been posted yet but Dave Jones, drummer of Mental Abuse, is also the same Dave Jones that plays drums on Agnostic Front’s legendary Victim In Pain LP.

    While just pushing 30, Mental Abuse have been a NJ band of lore and legend since their inception. Missing members, dead members, mentally unstable members, Mental Abuse has it all.

    I had been in contact with various NJ hardcore personalities over the years trying to track down David Jones, MA drummer, owner of Urinal Records, about reissuing Streets of Filth but my quest hit a dead end after I contacted David’s cousin, Dean, who had said that David wishes nothing to do with hardcore or his former band.

    Dean played with David in a band called the Enerjetics after Mental Abuse. Not too long ago Dean re-recorded all the Enerjectics material by himself for posterity’s sake. You can check it out here and make your own decision:

    Would love to see more New Jersey hardcore archived here. That Cynamid EP is a trip.


    Posted on 15-Nov-06 at 01:01 | Permalink
  12. Funny, I didn’t pick up on this one the first or second time i went through your blog Erich. Brain damage and mental illness make me miss a beat every once in a while I guess. It took Curious Guy over at System Sabatoge Chaos to point me back over here. What a score. The comments added something to it. Thanx again Erich. On a side note, it looks like even back then people were after Peter for something or another.


    Posted on 03-Dec-08 at 19:32 | Permalink
  13. K. Dutch

    One of my favorite hardcore bands and I just found out they are back and playing all over! Can’t wait to see them live!


    Posted on 24-Mar-09 at 13:38 | Permalink
  14. Joe

    Yes, they are playing again. Dave Jones is now on vocals and guitar. Still sound great; real raw and gritty.


    Posted on 03-Apr-09 at 11:56 | Permalink
  15. yo yes its tru mental abuse is back together with dave on vox and guitar and tom on drums and me anthony on bass look up the myspace got lots of shows


    Posted on 15-Apr-09 at 21:36 | Permalink
  16. Rob S.

    Saw them live recently the band had talent but wasn’t the same as it was seeing them way back in the 80’s. it would be awesome if they got sludge back


    Posted on 26-May-09 at 13:06 | Permalink
  17. Kevin R.

    yea, its not the same band from the 80’s but still great. I saw Mental Abuse live in Allentown, they had Tom Goodwin on drums and it made it sound killer. I cant remember if the bass player was original member or not.


    Posted on 03-Oct-10 at 16:12 | Permalink
  18. william

    gonna get those new scans up soon? =)


    Posted on 05-Dec-10 at 20:58 | Permalink
  19. Bill E.

    Mental Abuse was the best 80s hardcore band on the east coast if you ask me. Where are the scans and new rip??????


    Posted on 10-Jan-13 at 08:02 | Permalink
  20. tohm

    wheres that new rip and scan? also can someone upload “come on baby?” or email it to me?



    Admin Reply:

    How much you donate to keep this site up and running?


    john Reply:

    why dont you shut the fuck up. i am in this band. upload the fucking record and let people enjoy it. fucking idiot.


    Posted on 19-Aug-13 at 02:04 | Permalink
  21. p.

    still no re-release. any chance to re-up this pearl?


    Posted on 14-Jan-15 at 20:16 | Permalink

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