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DISSENSION- Why work for Death? LP (Metal Storm Records, USA, 1986)

cover pix currently down It’s incredible how sometimes a record gets forgotten, lost in time, however great it may have been. DISSENSION’s one and only LP suffered exactly this very fate. But why? Imagine this had come out on X-Claim … Was it because of the recordings were released before their time or maybe after theirs? It’s hard to tell which one was the case here (or maybe whether there were more reasons, like being on the wrong kind of label or so). Still, “Why work for Death” came out when Hardcore was dying, maybe dead already and this might be one explanation, why this masterpiece hasn’t been reissued so far. This monster of an LP features 11 tracks worth of flawless, pretty tight and catchy HC, much like an updated version of ILL REPUTE’s “What happens next?” MLP, though I don’t want to belittle DISSENSION’s work which such comparisons.

There isn’t much I could tell you about DISSENSION’s background other than that I seem to remember the band was somehow affiliated to Mick and Vadim of “Guillotine” Fanzine, which was a quite well known paper amongst the underground hounds like myself and featured a great variety of both Metal and Hardcore. A few years ago, to my big surprise, I held a south american license pressing (brazilian or argentian, hardly remember) of this LP in my hands which had a different photo on the back side of the jacket. The original pressings however was on red vinyl and I think I saw some green wax’ed ones too. Please, please – fill in everything else you know in the comments section!

To help this killer piece of pvc-fixed moment of killerness out of the shadows of the past, it’s posted in its entire glory here for a limited time only. Tell your friends & enemies!

Why work for Death?.mp3
Average american Kid.mp3
Sole Survivor.mp3
Telling me.mp3
You know who.mp3
Un-optional Conformity.mp3