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DETENTION- Dead Rock’n Rollers 7" (Rigor Mortis, USA, 1983)

detention_front.jpgdetention_back.jpgI’m pretty sure everybody has heard the title track of this on some bootleg or the CD reissue (on GTA, I believe). Fair enough. The B-Side of DETENTION’s 7″ is nowhere as good but honestly, “Dead Rock ‘n Rollers” is hard to beat. A true milestone in contemporary art, both sound and lyrics will stand there forever.
There isn’t much I could tell you about DETENTION other than that the follow-up LP was a major dissapointment, the band came from New Jersey and I first heard them on some “Borderless Country Tapes” comp with some lively recorded songs. Everybody with more detailed non-google info, shout it out!
For your pleasure, here’s both songs of this hard to find 7″:

Dead Rock’n Rollers.mp3
El Salvador.mp3