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Monthly Archives: September 2006

TEENAGE QUEERS- Live at Raul’s 1980 LP & BONUS (Brain Transplant Records, USA, 1998)


cover shots currently down Just before my interface fucked up beyond repair, I ripped the B-Side of this and today, when I borrowed a friends interface, I snatched the A-Side. So this is the last post until I have received my new recording utility. TEENAGE QUEERS were basically the same band that recorded the famous […]

Hardware breakdown –> No good bad music!


As if I needed to have more proof for the righteousness of my ungodliness! Just when I was ripping HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE‘s “Cone Johneson” 7″EP for Good Bad Music, my cheap ass recording interface broke down. Recording quality had suffered more and more over the last few days so it wasn’t really surprising.It sucks the […]

BOBBY SOXX- Learn to hate in the 80’s, c/w Scavenger of Death 7″ (VVV Records, USA, 1981)


Texas underground had many an ugly face and this was maybe the ugliest. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting BOBBY SOXX or seeing him live but I’m sure you all know the stories about him. If only half of it is true, he survived more attempted killings than Fidel Castro. To find out more […]

BLACK FLAG- Thirsty and miserable 7" (a.k.a. "Licorice Pizza") (SST, USA, 1981)


This rare 7″ was a gig-freebie (read the label imprint). In the b.e. years (before-ebay), you used to hear about a BLACK FLAG promo 7″ with “Damaged” outtakes but nobody I knew had further information. Since the Internet on the one hand destroyed the adventurous fun of record collecting and, on the other, made it […]

BABYLAND- s/t 7"EP (Flipside Records, USA, 1991)


Time to break out of the scheme a bit. I never fancied electronic music too much, especially such with straight (danceable) beats. Some of the very few exceptions would include Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode (yes, DM – I know, I know, don’t tell me) or some Atari Teenage Riot (which gets boring very very fast), Global […]

CRO-MAGS- Age of Quarrel 10"EP (no label, Switzerland, 1990)


This is another Split-Post with my fellow enthusiast Peter from KBD RECORDS – even though Peter himself doesn’t know about this (yet). CRO-MAGS represented the intellectual side of NYHC. A band that firmly stood for universal human rights, a band that lived the imperatives of the Age of Enlightment like no other. Their lyrics were […]

BELLEVUE- Dein Freund + 2 7"EP (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1981)


BELLEVUE came from Zürich, Switzerland and featured one ex-REBELS member. This should make clear we have something very special here – yet a little internet research yielded so little other than “average swiss Punk”. Rubbish, gawdammmit! This is (nearly) right up there with classics such as THE NOW or EMBARASSEMENT or NUCLEAR SOCKETTS! “Dein Freund” […]

DAYGLOW ABORTIONS- Out of the Womb LP (Sharpe Records, Canada, 1981)


“Ozzy is so out in space, he’d probably love me if I pissed in his face” – this line from DAYGLOW ABORTION’s “Black Sabbath” sums it up perfectly. Punk: Raunchy, primitive, provocative for fucks sake and Metal: Crunching guitar, some heavy riffs. And all together is so whacky, so trashed, so out-there (with or without […]

REALLY RED- Modern Needs 7" (CIA Records, USA 1980)


Another joint venture with my fellow Blogger Peter from KBD-Records (the last one was so extremely succesfull, haha). Go to his site and you’ll get the first REALLY RED 7″. Then tell us which one you like better – the first or the 2nd one. And why. You’ll get Punkrock-Grades from us and will eventually […]

AK-47- The Badge means you suck 7" (Pineapple Records, USA, 1980)


After I had ripped and encoded the single and scanned the cover, I realized that the nice folks at “Something I learned today” had already posted this great 7″ by AK-47 from Texas. Well, I said to myself, this thing is so hot that it deserves all the attention it gets – so here we […]