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MIDDLE CLASS- Scavenged Luxury 7"EP (Torture Garden, USA, 1980)

middleclass_scavengedmiddleclass_backYeah, MIDDLE CLASS put out the first ever “hardcore” vinyl with their debut “Out of Vogue” blahblahblah. I’ll agree on that. But fact is, they later became much much better! The 2nd 7″, which you’ll find here and the LP were may be total GANG OF FOUR w(h)orshipping, but then again – isn’t it better to have a good “copy” than a bad “original”? And looking back, it wasn’t really copied what they did, it was “inspired”. Extremely imaginative, sleazy, rhythmic are the 4 songs on this 2nd 7″ from 1980 and they are the perfect soundtrack for some good fucking, if you ask me!

Get some intercourse-punk!

Home is where.mp3
Blueprint for Joy.mp3
Last touch.mp3
Introductory Rites.mp3