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FUCK-UPS- FU82 7"EP (Fowl Records, USA, 1982)

Always loved this “6 Song Mini-LP” piece on the cover, cuz that’s what these EPs once were supposed to be – much music at little price!
San Francisco’s FUCK-UPS got a lot of shit for the first song on this 7″ (I can’t make out all of the lyrics and my copy didn’t have a lyric sheet; anybody cares for a transcription?). The controversy put aside, this babe smokes! Angry, pissed-off and obnoxious, they really came across with the full scale of punk-emotions. “Once I had a Brother” is just too great. Essential!

I know, this has been blogged before, but who cares. You get the rarer and better sleeve version here and I’ve added some digital vinyl crackling for the atmosphere. And yes, it’s the full 6 songs. The phone number on the sleeve was one of the “Fuckettes”, as the female background choir was named.
Peter – the singer called himself Bob Noxious, haha.

White Boy
Once I had a Brother
Get out
I think you’re Shit
Negative Reaction
I hate you