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NO FRAUD- Demo Tape # 1 (USA, 1985)

NO FRAUD is one of the bands that probably suffered from being on the wrong record label: Their very good 12″EP was one of the first outputs from what would later become one of the worlds biggest selling Metal labels (Germanys “Nuclear Blast Records”) and it had a HORRIBLE cover. Prior to this, NO FRAUD had released a solid 7″EP on Floridas short-lived “No Clubs!” label (the only other release being PAGAN FAITH’s 7″EP, but it seems like this had an ultra limited pressing).
I met Dan Destructo, the bands singer, in Florida in 1986. He gave me this tape and I remember that after he saw me looking on the cover, he immediately said that they had not known of the british “National Front”-party’s almost identical logo. He was pretty drunk, I remember, but the band delivered a great set that night in some discotheque in some dump.

If this had been released on vinyl in 1985, I’m sure everybody would be into it now. Catchy, melodic and powerful HC with a distinctive sound, although you hear a typical westcoast-lick here and there – and Dan’s vocals giving these songs the perfect finish.

The tape cover is actually spray-painted and also featured a booklet. They sold quite a few of these after lots of euphoric reviews in fanzines all over the USA. The complete demo has 18 songs and here’s a selection of them:

Social Disease.mp3
Killing Time.mp3
Another Part in the Machinery.mp3
Identity Crisis.mp3
No social Cliques.mp3
System Addicition.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    surprise, surprise – heard lots about this demo. you’re so right. it’s fab!!!!


    Posted on 16-Aug-06 at 08:44 | Permalink
  2. Mike Woodford

    The drummer from Less Than Jake was in No Fraud for a time. I always found that kinda funny.

    Also – here’s a video of No Fraud…
    No Fraud


    Posted on 16-Aug-06 at 10:19 | Permalink
  3. E.

    What is Less Than Jake? Never heard of them before.

    Great video, thanks! What is this funny robe Dan is wearing? Holy shit, how young they all are ….. Frightening. Agonizing.


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 00:11 | Permalink
  4. Mike Woodford

    Less Than Jake is a hugely popular ska band from Florida. Pretty far removed from No Fraud to say the least.


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 08:45 | Permalink
  5. E.

    Sounds horrible!


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 09:20 | Permalink
  6. Mike Woodford

    Believe me it is horrible. Nice people though in all fairness.

    Less Than Jake


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 11:49 | Permalink
  7. E.

    The rule of thumb in good music: Nice people make nice music. Assholes make great music. 🙂


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 13:38 | Permalink
  8. Peter - KBD Records

    This is a keeper Erich! I have it taped with a self made sleeve. Care to send me 150dpi scan of the sleeve? Please :). Gotten me some fine whisky(Jameson) from me mom. Feels good and now I got to sleep. Fuck I want to get drunk but mother says:”Go to bed my son you have some punk rock work to do tomorrow.”. Yeah right! Like cleaning hear house or something.


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 15:58 | Permalink
  9. E.

    Will do that for you, Peter!

    Hope the hangover won’t be too bad today 🙂


    Posted on 17-Aug-06 at 23:56 | Permalink
  10. malfeitor

    I have to agree with Erich’s rule of thumb. And that goes double, I’m afraid, for Less Than Jake since they are nice guys AND a ska band. Ska is great if it’s Jamaican, decent if it’s English, and is pure excrement if it’s American. In my humble opinion, of course.


    Posted on 25-Aug-06 at 15:09 | Permalink
  11. Adamski

    Definately one of the best demos I’ve heard. As good as POISON IDEA at their peak. The 7″ was a bit of a disappointment after this blaster. I wish someone would release this demo on vinyl. Or has it been already? Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!


    Posted on 14-Dec-06 at 01:30 | Permalink
  12. Nagiants40

    Uau..I lost this.. any chance to reup..??



    Posted on 17-Dec-06 at 11:53 | Permalink
  13. Anonymous

    Glad to see this posted. I grew up with NO FRAUD in Florida , they were THE band back in Tampa at the time.
    NO CLUBS RECORDS was short lived but you forgot to mention that they put out BELCHING PENGUINS Lp also called “Draft Beer Not Me” which has one of the best album covers ever.
    I highly recommend you get a hold of this LP. Worth the time and money.
    I have the cassette version and can digitize it if you would like.
    email me at :


    Posted on 06-May-07 at 12:01 | Permalink
  14. MARCUS



    Posted on 16-Mar-08 at 04:34 | Permalink
  15. DD

    Can you repost the No Fraud demo again????



    Posted on 22-Aug-08 at 13:23 | Permalink
  16. mikevenicepunk

    hey none of the tracks work can you please upload to rapidshare or something i’m dying to hear this demo i love no fraud


    Posted on 08-Jun-09 at 13:57 | Permalink
  17. Wanker Banker

    Yeah, what the last few people wrote. Albeit a long time ago.


    Posted on 05-Mar-11 at 03:46 | Permalink
  18. I thought I heard a bell ringing … from the Posh Boy discography :

    PBS 28: NO FRAUD – (Unrecorded, never released)

    Now I know what happened to them!


    Posted on 05-Sep-11 at 10:10 | Permalink

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