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FALSE PROPHETS- s/t 7" (Wornout Brothers, USA, 1982)

“Wornout Brothers” – how fucking great is that?! FALSE PROPHETS are another criminally underrated band! Their first 7″EP (from which the songs on the famous “New York T(h)rash” Cassette come from) was nice but somehow under developped, but with this 2nd 7″ here, the band had found its sound, although fast numbers like “Good clean fun” would soon vanish from their repertoire. The flip, “Functional”, is known from the bands first selftitled album from 1984 which is nothing but a MASTERPIECE! Very clever lyrics and high potential of songwriting skills set FALSE PROPHETS apart from most of their contemporaries. By the third album though (“Invisible People”), the band had fallen way deep into the pitfalls of politically correct kitsch.

This 7″ is often refered to as “Good clean fun” but as you can see, it bears no title. Will give you the full 7″ here.

Good clean fun.mp3