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DOOMWATCH- Final Hour 7"EP (Facemelt, USA, 1986)

The guys from Middle Aged Youth recently had DOOMWATCH featured, so I thought to myself, why not sharing the hard-to-get debut EP from this Maine Metal/HC crossover band. I must admit that I had kept this in better memory than it actually is, though songs like “Doomwatch” or “Guillotina” still rock.
The backcover has a strange drawing. Is this a vagina face? Does this mean anything?

Here’s the entire 7″EP for you to enjoy:

Final Hour.mp3
Drunk on your Blood.mp3
The short, happy Life of …..mp3


  1. Mike Woodford

    Doomwatch were actually from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was Facemelt Records that was from Maine. I remember seeing this band play once. They weren’t too bad.


    Posted on 09-Aug-06 at 07:52 | Permalink
  2. E.

    AAAAArrright! Yer right!


    Posted on 09-Aug-06 at 07:54 | Permalink
  3. Anonymous

    Hey, I was the drummer for Doomwatch. The back cover doesn’t mean anything – neither does the penis with the clock on it on the front cover. We had an artist buddy who was an odd dude…..


    Posted on 15-Aug-06 at 18:59 | Permalink
  4. E.

    Hi drummer – thanks for poppin in! This EPs cover is indeed a freudian nightmare 🙂


    Posted on 16-Aug-06 at 01:01 | Permalink
  5. DMK

    Someone posted Doomwatch’s “Monstrosity” video on youtube. The quality is spotty–I have a 1st generation VHS tape, and, though it shows its age (made in 1988), it looks and sounds better than the one posted. This will give a fair idea of what an early Doomwatch show looked like.


    Posted on 29-Jan-07 at 11:06 | Permalink
  6. Erich

    great – thanks much! if anybody wants the sound files to be available again, drop me a line!


    Posted on 29-Jan-07 at 11:52 | Permalink
  7. Anonymous

    Hi – i need some help. I’m doing an essay on macbeth and found the lyrics from tragic flow by doomwatch which seems a great fit for the story of macbeth. I have the lyrics but does anyone have the song as an mp3 that i could listen to??? Please??? Thanks.


    Posted on 20-Mar-07 at 00:24 | Permalink
  8. dmk

    My apologies, anonymous! I could have set you up with that mp3 had I seen this earlier. If you still need it, you can contact me at


    Posted on 27-Apr-07 at 09:22 | Permalink
  9. demxod8

    dmk: I am going to shoot you an email. I’d love to get ahold of those mp3’s. Thanks!


    Posted on 03-Sep-08 at 07:59 | Permalink
  10. DMK

    @demxod–did you ever shoot me that email? I never received it if you did. I could set you up with mp3s of the LP and the 1990 studio session which most believe to contain the band’s best work.


    Posted on 24-Sep-08 at 10:22 | Permalink
  11. DMK

    I just caught wind of a new video of a Doomwatch show from 1989 being circulated. I understand it’s very good.


    Posted on 26-Sep-08 at 10:23 | Permalink
  12. FirkinGood

    Looking to get in touch with Doomwatch members. My buddy asked me to dig in and to look up contacts for them. Possible small re-issue of A Symphony of Decadence if the stars should align…


    Doomwatch's Photog Reply:

    Hey KirkinGood – the guys are all still around, reply to my email and I’ll get you contact info, I’m the drummer’s brother and the closet thing to an official photographer they had 🙂


    Posted on 02-Dec-11 at 23:53 | Permalink
  13. Dale

    Doomwatch is from Pittsburgh !!


    Posted on 28-Jan-12 at 03:06 | Permalink
  14. Lurch

    They are from Pittsburgh and I’d like to thank FirkinGood for reminding me that the release was called Symphony of Decadence. Played that one to death very enjoyable


    Posted on 14-Mar-12 at 20:36 | Permalink
  15. Alvaro

    Can anyone re-up or send me a dl from this EP? Thanks


    Posted on 29-Dec-12 at 23:22 | Permalink
  16. Tom

    Yes they were from pittsburgh and the played a lot at the Bannana and open some shows at mancinis too plus all the thrashathon they were great along with dreamdeath and Half-Life I believe the open for Manowar at Top Charlie’s in Monoroeville in 89 if any has the 45 pls email me so I can get it again remember or any other doomwatch thanks


    Posted on 24-Sep-17 at 03:31 | Permalink
  17. Tom

    Hey any help appreciated cant find any of my doomwatch stuff looved them and dreamdeath used to get on stage and sing with them all the time at tge banna from 85 to 89 before i shipped out and left for the Mil any help appreicated really need the ep final hour and i wanna be drunk on your blood


    Posted on 12-Feb-18 at 17:50 | Permalink
  18. thomas Hosier

    hey can i get a copy of the EP pls I used to live near the burgh would see these guys play all the time before i left in 89 them and dreamdeth would sing with them at the bannana and other places Manowar etc


    Posted on 07-Sep-18 at 20:08 | Permalink

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