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SIREN- Metro Mercenary 7" (selfproduced, USA, 1984)

The NWOBHM was of course not limited to Britain. The phenomena of what was formerly known as Heavy Metal sucking up the power and spirit of Punk was globalized from the very start. Many of the greatest bands that one could associate with the NWOBHM came from the USA and SIREN was one of the greatest – without too many people ever taking notice of them (although they would release one or two albums in Germany a few years later – never heard those though).
This 7″ along with the Demo Tape “Iron Coffins” (does anybody have this?) would become the bands legacy. Unfortunately I don’t have the Demo anymore, but as far as I remember this was even better than the 7″. “Terrible Swift Sword” (wasn’t there a short story by Poe with the same title?) is the winner here – totally hypnotic song, if you ask me! Brings back memories of when I met the bands singer Doug Lee in Brandon, Florida in the summer of 1986. He was one of the true gentlemen of Heavy Metal, a very nice and bright man.

Here’s the complete and pretty rare 7″ for you!

Terrible Swift Sword.mp3