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TH’INBRED- reproduction 7"EP (Frozen Sound Studio, USA, 1985)

My last post brings me almost automatically to this one. TH’INBRED were one of the few bands who were reflecting very much the state of the art. They had a sarcastic, almost bitter pariah view on the Punk and HC scenes of the 80s.

“(…) We’re not kids anymore, this is 1984. You think being young is all there is to be,, well so did the nazis in Germany. There’s more to life than Hardcore. Just what the fuck are you fighting for?” (from “The Positive Song”). Right on. This is well put and shows a deeper understanding of both history and its ties to present than most bands ever had regarding the subject and it hits the nail right on the head – that whole “youth crew” thing, the unreflected and uncritical appraisal of vitalism was and is very disturbing and jock bands of today (HATEBREED et al) just can’t get off of it. New Jersey’s PLEASED YOUTH had that great song “I’d rather be an asshole” (on “NJ’s got it?!” Comp LP); this sums it up rather nicely in a simple formula too.

I did a quick blog-research and found that the marvellous “Something I learned Today” site had a Th’Inbred feature a while back; check it out here. Unfortunately the mp3-links seem to have expired so I thought to myself, why not putting up some songs from the band’s first effort, a 7″EP called “Reproduction” and a few tracks from “A Family Affair” (yes I know, the whole thing is downloadable here but the quality’s awful!). I chose my three favourite tracks from “Reproduction” on which you will hear a huge DEAD KENNEDYS influence still and notice the intro of “Packaged Time”; doesn’t that remind you on something NEUROSIS recorded? I’m not sure where I had a very similiar tune, but I think it was on one of the first 2 NEUROSIS records. (By the way: this reminds me on one of the most blatant rip offs I know – will post this later!)
The songs from TH’INBRED’s first LP are from the A-Side. Please do yourself a favour and get the whole thing immediately. This selection can’t do the album justice as it works best as a whole. And somebody please re-release this soon. Hats off to TH’INBRED, where ever they may roam.

“Reproduction” selection:
Scene Death,mp3
Packaged Time.mp3

“A Family Affair” selection:
Middle Class Refugees
The Positive Song