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SEWER ZOMBIES- Reach out and … LP (Subversive Records, USA, 1985)

Not for the faint-hearted: Floridas SEWER ZOMBIES. Totally out of tune barrage of noise with incredible lyrics (“They died with their Willie Nelson T-shirts on”). After a 10 seconds Google-research, I stumbled over a site dedicated to “Ron Johnson Records” (who re-released this LP in England in 1987). Some dork said that this was a Napalm Death / Extreme Noise Terror rip-off which is of course total bollocks.

Strange that noise and low-fi music seems to be adored only if it’s not too noisy and arty-farty enough. Bands like the SEWER ZOMBIES (and DÖDEN and DEAD and CYANAMID and ATTA and LAMA and APATHETIC etc.) will one day get their piece of the cult-cake too, I’m sure – but time’s not yet ready for them!

Time for some art:

They died with their Willie Nelson T-Shirts on.mp3