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Mystery Bands I: SPITTIN’ TEETH

Along with the original (promo-) version of “The Future Looks bright”, this is maybe the rarest release on the legendary Posh Boy label from LA. THE SIREN features three bands: RED CROSS (their entire first 12″EP), 391 (a mystery band too . please fill in!!) and the phenomenal SPITTING TEETH.

As soon as you, who never have heard SPITTING TEETH before, will start listenting to the first song “2nd Generation” you will, I’m sure, think “FUCKING JESUS – WHAT THIS?!!!”. Be assured I thought the same when I first heard the three tracks of this band (wich was pretty late in the 90s actually; the record seemed to be pretty much a mystery as a whole). But be assured: As a woman (probably man) of taste, you haven’t heard shit! The last of the three – “Destruction” – will destroy you! Unheard of before intensity, a singer and an atmosphere that puts SPITTIN’ TEETH at the very top of early HC bands – it’s so fucking great! Uaaarrghhh!!!!

If you happen to know more of SPITTIN TEETH, please share your knowledge! And Posh Boy – please please re-release this!

Listen to:

2nd Generation.mp3

PS: Go here for more SPITTIN’ TEETH.