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ARAGORN- Black Ice c/w Noonday 7" (Neat Records, UK, 1981)

If somebody asked me what the NWOBHM sounded like, I’d put on ARAGORN. This 7″ still gives me a rush after all these years. It’s hard to describe maybe to people who didn’t grow up with it, because it sounds rough, very garagey and not polished at all. It’s neither fast nor extremely aggressive yet there’s something about it that can best best be described (again) as a gloomy atmosphere.

ARAGORN were formed in Britain in 1980 and this 2 song 7″ was their only vinyl output (“Noonday” was also featured on the classic “LEad Weight” Compilation LP, one of the records one must have!). Soon after this slab, the band went through some line-up changes before recording a Demo Tape. The three songs on this tape were all faster, catchier and showed so much promise, yet alone no label seemed to be interested in ARAGORN, so the band eventually folded in 1983. What a major shame! If there’s interest, I will digitize the Demo Tape and make it available, because it seems to be rather hard to come by.

I would have never thought of this 7″ as Punk in the early 80s, but today it amazes me to realize that the dividing line between Punk and Metal once was so thin that one punctuated the other without mixing – no, this is not “crossover” of any sort. It’s maybe the same Zeitgeist that is being articulated in many bands of the late 70s, early 80s.