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Monthly Archives: August 2006

HUVUDTVÄTT / PICNIC BOYS- Split 7″EP (Massproduktion, Sweden, 1981) Split Post!


Peter from KILLED BY DEATH RECORDS and I thought we’d do something special here. Since this is actually a split EP, why not make it a Split Post? While Peter got the HUVUDTVÄTT Side on his blog, I herewith offer the PICNIC BOYS side! I don’t know nothzing about PICNIC BOYS and neither does Peter. […]

Update on Donations & Promos


Donations so far have reached the 60$ limit, which I think is great. Another 46$ left before I’ll be able to buy additional webspace for a year! I’ve received two inquiries concerning “promotional copies” and if I will “give them a review”. Well, it’s like this: You may send in whatever you feel might interest […]

NERVEBREAKERS- Politics 7"EP (Wild Child Records, USA, 1978)


Like all Texas punk of the era, this is no letdown either. NERVEBREAKERS first 7″ features two real hits (you’ll find them downloadable below) and two so-so numbers (“My Life is ruined” and the christmas-ish “I can’t help you”). “My Girlfriend is a Rock” has got to be heard to be believed – what a […]

MIDDLE CLASS- Scavenged Luxury 7"EP (Torture Garden, USA, 1980)


Yeah, MIDDLE CLASS put out the first ever “hardcore” vinyl with their debut “Out of Vogue” blahblahblah. I’ll agree on that. But fact is, they later became much much better! The 2nd 7″, which you’ll find here and the LP were may be total GANG OF FOUR w(h)orshipping, but then again – isn’t it better […]

MIDDLE CLASS FANTASIES- Tradition 7"EP (AGR, Germany, 1981)


Easily the best ever HC-Punk 7″ from Germany. MIDDLE CLASS FANTASIES blew and blow away everything in sight! Even if you don’t understand german, you’ll notice the singing is pouring acid on your head and the lyrics are just incredibly cynic and would never go through by todays standards of what’s acceptable and what’s not. […]

Server out of Capacity – Webspace needed!


ABWÄRTS- Roboter in der Nacht 7" (Zickzack, Germany, 1981)


Check the first ABWÄRTS 7″EP for more! Here’s the phenomenal a-side of the 2nd 7″, “Roboter in der Nacht” (translates as “Robots in the night”): Roboter in der Nacht.mp3

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT- s/t 7"EP (Stagedive, USA, 1983)


Another band time forgot. Strange enough that CAPITOL PUNISHMENT didn’t get very popular especially in the USA. Were they too “old” for being on the boyscout-trip? We don’t know. In Germany, they got a bit of acclamation though and all their releases were either repressed or exclusively pressed in krautland (this 7″ here like most […]

ART- The only Record in the World 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1980)


“One must make sacrifices for ART”, it says on the backcover – and yes, this is art, ART, ARRRTTTTT. And what is Punk? Punk is playing against your audience – and this is ART! Fuck yeah!! On the b-side of this slab, you’ll find two songs mixed onto one channel. On the left, you’ll hear […]

URINALS- Sex 7" (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1980)


Due to popular request, here’s some more of the URINALS! I first heard of the band as “proto-Hardcore”. That was long ago and it wasn’t until a british double-7″ bootleg containing all three URINALS 7″ came out, before I finally heard their music. Not one second was I disappointed, because URINALS may have been many […]