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Black Rebels: It’s time of violence 7" (selfproduced, Italy, 1984)

This time, it’s not a labour of love.

I put this up merely for completists and connaisseurs de hc à la italienne. This is not a rare record in the sense of a low press run, it’s rare because it rarely ever shows up and not everybody seems to know of Black Rebels. Of course there are people who just don’t want to deal with records from such politically dubious bands. Then there are people who believe firmly in either “free speech” (a naive concept, really) or those who just don’t think that hiding away uncomfortable topics helps to solve anything. Well, I guess there are good points for both, not wanting to promote / own such records, as well as to inform and make it clear that in the end, this is only a record with 2 politically rather enigmatic songs – playing these songs does not implant the seeds of evil.

It took me very, very long to find this 2 song 7″. BLACK REBELS “It’s time of violence, c/w The many things of the rich” single was on my want-lists 20 years ago already and I don’t remember where I first heard of them. Pretty soon, some italian friend (Stiv, who drew the WRETCHED Lp cover as well as my bands Ep cover and who had that killer Fanzine TVOR) would ask me why I’m looking for a fascist record. I took it off the list eventually but kept on looking for it secretivly, haha. It wasn’t until 2 or 3 years ago when I found it on a 2nd hand list with Metal records for a couple of Euros so I thought to myself, it’s now or never. I picked it up and there it sits in my collection since.
Now is this a fascist band or not? Only judging from the single, it’s kinda hard to say. On the photo insert, you see 4 youngsters pictured who are trying to look grim but really look more like disco kids than anything else. Political issues are not very outspoken and I can’t make out much of the lyrics since they’re italian, but they seem to be in the same rather dumb mood as lyrics from leftwing bands were – some ranting about “the rich”, some chauvinist violence-cult, it could really be germanys SLIME or else as well. The bands name (italian fascists dressed in black shirts in the 1920s and therewith inspired german nationalsocialists to wear brown shirts, as a loose similiarity) and the logo on the other hand are indicating a rightwing background. You see – if this is a fascist band, it’s so well hidden that it’s hardly an argument against BLACK REBERLS. So much for this.

Musically, it’s good though. Kinda powerful, but generic Oi-type with a slight metallic edge to it, yet simple and with a driving rhythm. There’s a little hint of that italian flavour shining through, but it’s safe to say that is not a masterpiece. It reminds me very much of especially swedish oi-punk bands from the same era and for an ignorant fuck like me, even the italian singing sometimes sounds swedish.

However – take it for what it is. If you really really want to hear the other song too, I shall upload it at request.

It’s time for violence.mp3