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MONKS and Punk, or: The prenatal Afterbirth

“Never mind the bollocks” was the first Punk LP, right? Or was it some NYC art crap? Did Punk originate from the british working class that had been taken care of by Malcolm McLaren and some fashion fucks? No way, there’s a line line that goes right from the beatnigs to Velvet Underground to saxophone molesters on heroin on the u.s. east coast. Really?

What if Punk first stuck its ugly head out in Germany, in a u.s. military base? What if the first to play music with less braincells than others wore black monk robes and had the exact counterpiece of mohawks on their heads, socalled tonsures (medieval monks had shaved bald spots on their heads, socalled tonsures)? So Punk did first come as anti-punk in? Neither working class heroes nor arty junkies, but american g.i.’s dressing as monks and playing freaked out beat music? Just listen to the lyrics in “Monk Time” – what starts off as an angry anti-war song suddenly turns into a chaotic rant, devoid of meaning. Wasn’t that what Punk was all about? But then again – monks???? Nah mate ……… Really?

The MONKS killer LP “Black Monk Time”, released in Germany only in 1966 is a milestone and a piece of art that never reveals all of what it holds. I have rarely heard music that was so energetic and lustfully chaotic without sounding “happy” (like the Beatles) at all. It’s impossible to sit idly by when hits like “Boys are Boys and Girls are Girls”, “Monk Time”, “Sleeping Maria” or “Blast off!” blast off – it’s like the energy couldn’t be held back in the plastic grooves no longer; I swear music that powerful functions like magic.
Do yourself a favour and get the repress of this impossible to find (over 600$ on ebay) LP in the form of either the official CD rerelease or the bootleg vinyl that should be easy to find too. But for gawds sake – become a monk!

Go the great offficial Monks site: