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Note about mp3 Files: Fuck the kids!

I finally decided to occassionally include audio files. But for various reasons I will not post entire records here. This is for once because I find it inappropriate to do so without the artists approval (yes, I know, I have been a vinyl bootleger myself and also one of them artists being bootleg frequently. I simply changed my mind over this issue during the years).
Then I don’t really see a point in supplying an anonymous mass of consumers with even more mp3 files. I know some youngsters who have so many mp3 files on their computers that they haven’t even listened to half of it (yet alone internalized). That’s their business really and I understand that the sheer mass of music released in the past 30 years is nearly impossible to only overview, but then again, I don’t care about them kids.

Those who like the music should go and BUY it – on ebay, from mailorders etc., or trade them pearls with other collectors, whatever the cost may be. It’s only money. Those who wouldn’t spend any cash for a true piece of art and are content with mp3 files on computers will lose interest in short time anways.

If you were in a band featured here and feel like I shouldn’t publish your music, drop me a line and I’ll take it down. Maybe.