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Welcome to «Good bad music for bad bad times!»

After two very successful volumes of “Reanimated by Life” (several thousand downloads), a virtual bootleg compilation with Punk and Hardcore from all over the world (Vol.2 was an Italy Special) I kept getting lots of mails asking for another volume.

I decided not to continue the series however; time is limited and bootlegs have become legion anyway, be they virtual ones or in vinyl- and cd-form.
Still, being the man of virtue I am, I feel obligated to spread more of the best music available. Trust me – I’ve got the best music taste in the world. No kiddin’.

Good bad music is not limited to either Punk or Metal, old or new, rare or common. It’s just music for the coolest swingers on the block. Because I’m a nice person (I tend to call meself Humanist sometimes), rare records will get more graphic exposure.

Feel free to comment, add, praise, curse. And now take your class in class!

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